a few words about us

Onix Wood is here to provide you with some of the highest quality Acacia Robinia poles and timber on the market. We are based in Serbia and we only source the highest quality Acacia Robinia on the market. You can use our Acacia Robinia timber or Acacia Robinia poles for your projects and you can get all of that at a very good price. We always value quality and professionalism, and you can rely on our high quality content to give you the outstanding results and experience you always wanted. Once you start working with our team you will have no problem getting the Acacia Robinia timber and poles you need.

Avail this great opportunity and work with Onix Wood today, we are one of the largest Acacia Robinia wood and poles supplier in Serbia. We only sell the best Acacia Robinia wood, so all you need is to contact us right away and let us know what you need, we will gladly provide a custom package to suit your needs!