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Robinia Pseudoacacia is medium-sized hardwood recognizable by its durability

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Acacia Robinia ( Pseudoacacia)

Sustainable wood

Acacia robinia is widely known for being a very strong wood that resists to rotting, so you can imagine that’s widely sought after and you do want to enjoy and use it as often as possible. On top of that, Onix Wood is very impressive and it will help you with all kinds of projects that you can enjoy.

What makes it distinct is that Acacia Robinia is also known as pseudoacacia and it’s a great hardwood species. It’s actually falling into the durability class I/II, which means it can last for around 20 years or sometimes even more. You do need to make sure that you take good care of it, as the type of soil, humidity and other factors might have a negative influence in the end.

But what you have to realize is that Acacia Robinia is not rotting and that’s why you can find many Acacia Robinia poles and you can use its timber on so many projects. You have great resistance to insects and rotting, so it makes sense to purchase the Acacia Robinia timber and use it even for summer houses in places that are prone to insects. You still need to find a creative and comprehensive way to use it, but Acacia Robinia is very versatile and you will enjoy using it again and again just because it has so many great and exciting features.


You can access some of the best Acacia Robinia poles and Acacia Robinia Timber for your fence, playground or vineyard. We acquire original Acacia Robinia timber from Serbia and we provide a very good quality and value for money all the time. But you can use it for a whole lot of other different things, since this is great for building and you can adapt and adjust things as you go along. You can easily use it for a small cabin if you want, some even make furniture from Acacia Robinia timber.

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